Family chronicle

One of sixteen

Vienna, January 1995

When I look back to my great-great-grandparents – because this is the generation distance between Adolf Ignaz and me – I find sixteen families.

I myself am an enthusiastic supporter of genealogy, because only if we know our roots, we will be able to understand ourselves. So, I have decided to explore these roots in the context of a family chronicle in which each one of you is invited to make his/her personal contribution. Since I believe that our common ancestor Adolf Ignaz has a very special significance, the research concentrates on a single line – that of the direct descendants.

The fact that Adolf Ignaz had 10 children, most of whom married into highly respected Austrian families, led to the result that between – to name only a few of dozens of names – the families Urbanski, Oppolzer, Rokitansky, Reininghaus, Piffl-Percevic, Jäger-Sunstenau – there are family relationships which are also felt as such. All these families are tied together by a spiritual bond which finds its origin in Adolf Ignaz.

It is also noteworthy that the Mautner Markhof (or Mautner) family has been running companies in the food and luxury food industry in uninterrupted succession from father to son for nine generations (it was not possible for me to obtain data dating back further). First for about 100 years as distillers, later as brewers in Smiřice and then for more than 150 years as food and luxury food manufacturers (beer, yeast, spirits and food) in Vienna. The fact that such a “chain” goes back until the time of Maria Theresia is probably an almost unique phenomenon.

Since even today there are companies that bear the name Adolf lgnaz, it is not only possible, but in a certain sense also a duty, to establish and maintain personal contact between the countless descendants. Our family reunion in 1989, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death, also served this purpose. It is usual to pay respect to one’s ancestors, but I think that honouring Adolf Ignaz is especially appropriate – he was a fantastically benevolent philanthropist!

These and similar considerations, I think, justify our research and its publication. Special thanks go to Mrs. Christa Nekolar, who has proved to be a great family organizer. An important request in this context: We need the support of all family members. If you change your place of residence, please, let us know. Report about family events and also about yourself. If you find more relatives somewhere, invite them. Personally, I just imagine it nice when a Sicilian or Egyptian suddenly stood at my door saying: “I am your cousin!”

Yours sincerely,

Georg (IV.) J. E. Mautner Markhof

By and for the descendants of Adolf Ignaz and Julie Marcelline

The history of the Mautner Markhof house was written down in the 1990s during a family celebration. Many members were involved and had lovingly collected the puzzle pieces and thus contributed to the fact that they could finally be published in this form.

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