Therese noble von Reininghaus

Theresia Friederica Mautner von Markhof / 4.5.1832 – 20.3.1926

Born in Smirice/North Bohemia, on June 27th 1850 she married Johann Peter von Reininghaus, who had been born in 1818 in Isenburg Castle, a farm in Westphalia. The associated distillery and its fermenting contents aroused the boy’s interest in yeast, a rare article at the time, sought by bakers and well paid. He studied in Berlin, worked there and in Breslau and then entered the service of Adolf Ignaz in Vienna. In 1857, both succeeded together in the systematic production of pressed yeast that met all requirements.

Johann Peter von Reininghaus

Already in 1853 Peter Reininghaus, his wife Therese and his younger brother Julius bought a small brewery on the Steinfeld, not far from Graz. Peter Reininghaus and his descendants determined the fate of the brewery “Brüder Reininghaus” until the 1980s.

Therese and Peter also had ten children, 29 grandchildren and 72 great-grandchildren. Their descendants now live scattered throughout Europe, North and South America and Africa.

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