Theodor I

Theodor August Ritter Mautner von Markhof / 19.8.1869 – 7.2.1947

Theodor I, born as the fourth child of Georg I Heinrich & Charlotte Biehler, married Martha Eisl (1875 – 1959) in 1896 and had five children with her, namely, Elisabeth “Elsa”, Margarethe, Gerhard, Gertrud and Manfred I. Following his father, he ran the St. Georg Brewery and the Floridsdorf and Simmeringer family businesses together with his brother Georg II Anton. After the death of his brother, he withdrew from the operational business, but continued to follow his father’s social commitment; wherever he met children, he pressed coins into their hands.

Together with his parents and the sons Gerhard, Manfred and their families, he lived opposite the Mautner Schlössl – the villa on the site of the St. Georg Brewery, Prager Straße 20, in Vienna Floridsdorf. When the villa was badly damaged in a bomb attack in 1942, Manfred moved with his family and grandmother Martha to Simmering, Theodor I moved to his tarot friend who lived in the city centre of Vienna.

Theodor’s great love was horses, so behind the property on Prager Straße there were stables and a racing track for his trotters. He also ran a stud at his Weidhof summer residence in Weidling and won many prizes with his horses. Theodor Mautner Markhof commemorative races are held in Vienna’s Krieau to this day.

His memories “The way it was” were published in 1941 in a limited edition.