From Bohemia to the whole world

The name Mautner was first mentioned in 1690 in the lease of a distillery in Smiřitz near Königgrätz. The family already owned a relatively large brewery under the rule of “Kameralherrschaft” when Adolf Ignaz Mautner (1801 – 1889), like many other merchants at that time, moved to Vienna 150 years later. There he succeeded through several innovations and “diligence and will”, the motto, which is also found in the family coat of arms, the ascent to the great industrialist.

Together with his wife Julie Marcelline (née Kadich; 1812 – 1887) he had no less than 10 children and 72 grandchildren and thus not only laid the foundation for economic success, but also founded a dynasty which has continued to this day. The family has hundreds of members and is related to many other dynasties worldwide through marriage.

His sons Carl Ferdinand (1824 – 1896) and Georg Heinrich (1840 – 1904) expanded the company (1864 foundation of the press yeast and spirit factory in Wien-Floridsdorf, 1893 foundation of the brewery St. Georg); their brewery was the third largest in Europe.

Under his grandson, Victor (1865 – 1919), the brewery St. Marx was merged with Dreher-Meichl to form Vereinigte Brauereien Schwechat, St. Marx, Simmering AG.

This was followed by Georg Heinrich´s sons Theodor I (1869 – 1947) and Georg II Anton (1875 – 1934), who took over Victor’s yeast and spirit production in St. Marx as well as the branch in Simmering.

Theodor’s sons Gerhard (1901 – 1971) and Manfred I (1903 – 1981) and Georg Anton’s sons Georg III Heinrich (Buwa) (1904 – 1982) and Gustav I (1909 – 1970) – all great-grandchildren of Adolf Ignaz – played an important role in the family business, which also included a significant share of the Schwechat brewery.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Manfred II Mautner Markhof (1927 – 2008) and Georg IV J. E. Mautner Markhof (1926 – 2008), both great-great grandsons, were the most important entrepreneurs of the family in the 20th century.